Ptarmigan Cirque to Mount Rae Scramble

Solo hiking adventure starting  at the Highwood Pass in Kananaskis.  Mount Rae is the highest visible peak from Calgary and the 4th highest in Kananaskis at 3218m. 

From the parking area at the Highwood Pass (the highest paved surface in Canada at 2206m the trail heads up a number of switchbacks through the forest until you pop out of the treeline into the Ptarmigan Cirque.  This is a beautiful area full of waterfalls, streams, and fields of wildflowers.

Heading through the cirque the real trail heads back up an endless scree field toward Mount Rae.

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Grotto Mountain

Grotto Mountain – Canmore – July 9. 2706m, 1425m vertical ascent over 5.7km. Hate when a good day turns bad from my own stupidity. This was a  serious scramble up a very steep trail, but I was feeling great at the top. Had a nice lunch, took some pictures, headed down. Made it 3/4 of the way down when I realized my camera was safe and secure back up at the summit… Hadn’t seen a single other person the whole day so I knew nobody else was going to go bring it down. Back up to the top. Now I hurt. On the plus side, lots of animals.

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